CD: Ingram Premium PSD Templates

Premium PSD Templates - including over 220 Photoshop Templates, Backgrounds & Actions it’s the ultimate designer’s shortcut to knock-out visuals.

• 3 DVDs + Printed User Guide
• More than 100 Professional PSD Mock-ups
• Layered Backgrounds & Textures
• Ingram’s most requested Photoshop Styles & Actions

All the scaling, perspective, shadows & blurs are done for you - this will save you days of work. The PSD files are high quality, clearly organised for easy use, and suitable for print & web output. Present your Designs with Maximum Impact & Win New Clients.

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Brochure%20Inside%207 Brochure%20Inside%208 Brochure%20Inside%209 Brushed%20Metal Business%20Card%201 Business%20Card%202
Business%20Envelope%202 Business%20Letter%201 Business%20Letter%202 Calendar Cap-Single Cartoon%20Styles%20Pack%201
Cartoon%20Styles%20Pack%202 Cartoon%20Styles%20Pack%203 Cartoon%20Styles%20Pack%204 Cartoon%20Styles%20Pack%205 CD%20Cover%20Artwork%201 CD%20Cover%20Artwork%202
Christmas%20Effects%20Pack Compliment%20Card Corporate%20Identity%20Pack Desktop%20Mock-up%20Pack%201 Desktop%20Mock-up%20Pack%202 Device%20Mock-up%20Pack%201
Device%20Mock-up%20Pack%202 Device%20Mock-up%20Pack%203 Embroidery Explosions Female%20Hoodie%20-%20Front Female%20Polo%20Shirt%20-%20Back
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