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Matton's Textspace™ tool enables you to find images that are suitable for text placement. This tool is especially useful for Art Directors who may wish to build and advert that contains an image with copy text.

How does it work?:

1. Using the grid above (with the dog image) click the areas you wish to find suitable Textspace™. You can click multiple boxes to build a larger area. For example if you would like to find images that have a large space for text at the top of the image, click the first 6 boxes. You can also uncheck boxes by clicking them again.

2. Enter a keyword and make a search (tip: you can also combine Textspace™ with other filters)

3. The images shown will match your keyword and the Textspace™ profile you chose.
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Maskot is a leading producer of Scandinavian royalty-free images. The contemporary collection is focusing on people and covering real-life topics in lifestyle and business
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Royalty free image: Portrait of male and female messengers carrying cardboard boxes while standing against delivery van

ma61206 [RF]

Royalty free image: Side view of businessman using mobile phone and laptop while sitting by colleague at desk in office

ma59881 [RF]

Royalty free image: Side view of business colleagues in seminar with focus on man smiling

ma28211 [RF]

Royalty free image: Woman sitting by computer

17313 [RF]

Royalty free image: Beach view

18271 [RF]

Royalty free image: Blue light trails in forest

ma41626 [RF]

Royalty free image: Field against ocean and sky

24781 [RF]

Royalty free image: Midsection of man holding mobile phone while carrying grocery basket in supermarket

ma44533 [RF]

Royalty free image: Gay man looking at shy partner while standing in front of priest during wedding ceremony

ma52090 [RF]

Royalty free image: Happy girlfriend covering boyfriend's eyes in park

ma42021 [RF]

Royalty free image: Surprised girl looking at bag while sitting with mother during meal in birthday party

ma63333 [RF]

Royalty free image: Businesswoman using mobile phone by automated check-in machine in airport

ma63170 [RF]

Royalty free image: Portrait of confident businessman using laptop while sitting at office

ma63007 [RF]

Royalty free image: Manual worker packing box while coworkers discussing in distribution warehouse

ma63461 [RF]

Royalty free image: Young female owner using laptop at desk in workshop

ma63298 [RF]

Royalty free image: Mother and daughter having food while woman using laptop at dining table

ma63135 [RF]

Royalty free image: Female professionals discussing over adhesive notes with colleagues in meeting at office

ma62972 [RF]

Royalty free image: Female and male coworkers analyzing boxes in industry

ma63426 [RF]

Royalty free image: Portrait of smiling female interior designer standing at desk in studio

ma63263 [RF]

Royalty free image: Directly above shot of girl eating candies while sitting on carpet at home

ma63100 [RF]

Royalty free image: Senior couple walking with Schnauzer on footpath at beach against clear sky

ma62937 [RF]

Royalty free image: Smiling grandfather reading greeting card while sitting with grandson and gifts at party in living r

ma63391 [RF]

Royalty free image: Thoughtful businesswoman with credit card and laptop sitting by luggage in airport

ma63228 [RF]

Royalty free image: Smiling woman looking at girlfriend smelling pink roses at home

ma63065 [RF]

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