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Matton's Textspace™ tool enables you to find images that are suitable for text placement. This tool is especially useful for Art Directors who may wish to build and advert that contains an image with copy text.

How does it work?:

1. Using the grid above (with the dog image) click the areas you wish to find suitable Textspace™. You can click multiple boxes to build a larger area. For example if you would like to find images that have a large space for text at the top of the image, click the first 6 boxes. You can also uncheck boxes by clicking them again.

2. Enter a keyword and make a search (tip: you can also combine Textspace™ with other filters)

3. The images shown will match your keyword and the Textspace™ profile you chose.
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Royalty free image: North Carolina, Blue sky over sea

ti27000380 [RF]
Tetra Images

Royalty free image: Couple with twins (2-5 months) walking along seashore

ti03008169 [RF]
Tetra Images

Royalty free image: Man throwing paper balls into wastepaper basket

ti01099057 [RF]
Tetra Images

Royalty free image: France, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, Marseille, Palais Longchamp Monument with adjoining fountain

ti47001661 [RF]
Tetra Images

Royalty free image: Sun beams from grey cloudy sky over sea horizon, Reykjavik, Iceland

is09b542b [RF]
Cultura Images

Royalty free image: Gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) in snowy landscape, Petermann Island, Antarctica

is09b53wu [RF]
Cultura Images

Royalty free image: Scientist preparing blood samples in a multi well plate for clinical testing in a laboratory

is09b53pe [RF]
Cultura Images

Royalty free image: Young woman eating bread with cream cheese

is09b53ix [RF]
Cultura Images

Royalty free image: Rear view of woman standing in sea with arms raised, Cascais, Portugal

is09b529b [RF]
Cultura Images

Royalty free image: Man using smartphone to take a selfie

faa108001303 [RF]

Royalty free image: Pregnant woman exercising with help of partner in swimming pool

faa108001140 [RF]

Royalty free image: Man smiling at colleague during meeting

faa108000977 [RF]

Royalty free image: Gourmet pork dish

faa108000814 [RF]

Royalty free image: Mother with toddler daughter

faa108000651 [RF]

Royalty free image: Sea, Surf, Sunset, Chaung Thar Beach, Bay of Bengal, Ayeyarwady, Myanmar

ibxvfw04484055 [RF]

Royalty free image: Distinctive basalt rock Hvitserkur at low tide, Hvammstangi, Vatnsnes, North Iceland, Iceland

ibxszi04474398 [RF]

Royalty free image: Salt lake in Altiplano Salar de Maricunga, Tres Cruzes National Park, northern Chile, Chile

ibxrws04474020 [RF]

Royalty free image: Wild chanterelle or girolle (Cantharellus cibarius), Pied de Mouton Mushrooms (hydnum repandum) or P

ibxpwp04421739 [RF]

Royalty free image: Ship on the horizon at sunset, North Sea, East Frisia, Lower Saxony, Germany

ibxmna04468787 [RF]

Royalty free image: Profile of male Indian peacock (Pavo cristatus); Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, United States of America

dp12321780 [RF]
Design Pics

Royalty free image: Churches in fairy chimneys at the Goreme Open Air Museum; Cappadocia, Nevsehir, Turkey

dp12321384 [RF]
Design Pics

Royalty free image: The aurora stretches over the Alaska Range; Alaska, United States of America

dp12320364 [RF]
Design Pics

Royalty free image: Still life concept baking utensils forming cupcake

412-34956 [RF]
Caia Image

Royalty free image: Friends playing basketball on urban basketball court

412-34793 [RF]
Caia Image

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