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Matton's Textspace™ tool enables you to find images that are suitable for text placement. This tool is especially useful for Art Directors who may wish to build and advert that contains an image with copy text.

How does it work?:

1. Using the grid above (with the dog image) click the areas you wish to find suitable Textspace™. You can click multiple boxes to build a larger area. For example if you would like to find images that have a large space for text at the top of the image, click the first 6 boxes. You can also uncheck boxes by clicking them again.

2. Enter a keyword and make a search (tip: you can also combine Textspace™ with other filters)

3. The images shown will match your keyword and the Textspace™ profile you chose.
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Royalty free image: Senior is cooking tomatoes with his woman, Germany

ibxjte04845988 [RF]

Royalty free image: Two co-workers talking and checking their smart phones while on a break at their place of work: Edmo

dp12591709 [RF]
Design Pics

Royalty free image: Maturing cannabis flowers close to harvest; Alberta, Canada

dp12590015 [RF]
Design Pics

Royalty free image: Christ Blessing Statue; Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

dp12589282 [RF]
Design Pics

Royalty free image: Exterior frescoes, 'Tree of Jesse', Voronet Monastery, 1487; Gura Humorului, Suceava County, Romania

dp12584958 [RF]
Design Pics

Royalty free image: The Cave of Sykia; Milos Island, Cyclades, Greece

dp12579060 [RF]
Design Pics

Royalty free image: Young man petting dog in home office

hx08314 [RF]
Caia Image

Royalty free image: Happy father with long braids and toddler son on sidewalk

hx08151 [RF]
Caia Image

Royalty free image: Close up pregnant woman with pill box taking vitamins

hx07930 [RF]
Caia Image

Royalty free image: Majestic iceberg arch on sunny blue Atlantic Ocean Greenland

hx07767 [RF]
Caia Image

Royalty free image: Melting polar ice over sunny blue Atlantic Ocean Greenland

hx07604 [RF]
Caia Image

Royalty free image: Man shining torch into sky, White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, US

isc12241792 [RF]
Image Source

Royalty free image: Girl hiding behind autumn leaves in the branches of a maple tree.

isc12241585 [RF]
Image Source

Royalty free image: Divers exploring Cenote Maravilla, Mexico

isc10019569 [RF]
Image Source

Royalty free image: Portrait of smiling businesswoman at whiteboard in office

pe0080271 [RF]
OJO Images

Royalty free image: Business people talking face to face in lobby

pe0082424 [RF]
OJO Images

Royalty free image: Close up of red roses with gift tag

168683821 [RF]
OJO Images

Royalty free image: Woman with her smartphone in the city at night next to a road in London, Great Britain

wpef02443 [RF]

Royalty free image: Portrait of happy father carrying daughter piggyback

wff00223 [RF]

Royalty free image: Female athlete standing at chin up bar, looking at camera

vegf01466 [RF]

Royalty free image: portrait of young mother with baby

013108bl [RF]
Beyond Images

Royalty free image: still life of shopping bags with christmas presents

021435bl [RF]
Beyond Images

Royalty free image: close-up of elevator control panel

010659bl [RF]
Beyond Images

Royalty free image: Fresh apples on table in motor home

ma76962 [RF]

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