Professionall Font Collection 2012 comprises 629 fonts on an unlocked DVD and is priced at only $189.00.

This collection of fonts comes with a licence for 10 workstations, so you can afford legal copies of the entire font library for all your workstations.

Everything you need is here. Whether you 're looking for crisp, classic text fonts pr a breath taking display font with a full character set - you'll find it.

What's more, all the designs are uniquely modern typefaces. No font is older than 2005.
Price: $ 189.00
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Fonts included in this package:
1066 Hastings Normal
1350 Primitive Russian R
1431 Humane Niccoli Normal
1456 Gutenberg B42 Pro Regular
1456 Gutenberg
1462 Bamberg
1470 Jenson Latin Bold
1470 Jenson Latin Normal
1470 Sorbonne Pro N
1479 Caxton Initials Regular
1479 Caxton
1483 Rotunda Lyon Regular
1484 Bastarde Loudeac
1491 Cancellaresca
1495 Bastarde Lyon
1499 Alde Manuce Pro Italic
1499 Alde Manuce Pro N
1510 Nancy
1512 Initials
1514 Paris Verand
1522 Vicentino
1523 Holbein
1525 Durer Initials Regular
1529champ Fleury Init Regular
1529 Champ Fleury Pro Regular
1533 Glc Augereau Pro Normal
1534 Fraktur
1536 Civilite Manual
1538 Schwabacher
1540 Mercator Script N
1543 German Deluxe Initial
1543 German Deluxe Normal
1543 German Deluxe Titling
1543 Humane Jenson Bold
1543 Humane Jenson Italic
1543 Humane Jenson Normal
1543 Humane Petreius Italic
1543 Humane Petreius Regular
1543 Humane Petreius Titl
1545 Faucheur Italic
1545 Faucheur N
1546 Poliphile Italic
1546 Poliphile N
1550 Arabesques
1557civilite Granjon Pro Regular
1557 Italique Regular
1565 Renaissance Regular
1565 Venetian
1584 Pragmatica Lima Italic
1584 Pragmatica Lima Regular
1584 Rinceau
1585 Flowery Regular
1589 Humane Bordeaux Italic V1 2
1589 Humane Bordeaux Nv1 2
1590 Humane Warszawa N
1592 Glc Garamond B
1592 Glc Garamond Italic
1592 Glc Garamond N
1610 Cancellaresca
1619 Expediee
161 Vergilius Regular
1621 Glc Pilgrims Regular
1634 Rene Descartes Normal
1638 Civilite Manual
1648 Chancellerie
1651 Alchemy Italic
1651 Alchemy Normal
1651 Alchemy Symbols Regular
1669 Elzevir Italic
1669 Elzevir N
1672 Isaac Newton Regular
1676 Morden Map I
1676 Morden Map N
1682 Writhed Hand
1689 Almanach Italic
1689 Almanach Normal
1689 Almanach Sup Italic
1689 Almanach Sup N
1689 Almanach Symbols
1689 Glc Garamond Pro Italic
1689 Glc Garamond Pro N
1695 Captain Flint Ru
1715 Jonathan Swift
1726 Real Espanola Italic
1726 Real Espanola Regular
1751 Glc Copperplate Italic
1751 Glc Copperplate N
1751glccopperplate Outline Italic
1751glccopperplate Outline N
1756 Dutch Italic
1756 Dutch Normal
1756 Dutch Supplement
1776 Independence B
1776 Independence Italic
1776 Independence N
1781 La Fayette N
1785 Glc Baskerville Italic
1785 Glc Baskerville N
1786 Glc Fournier Caps
1786 Glc Fournier Italic
1786glcfournier Narrow Italic
1786glcfournier Narrow N
1786 Glc Fournier N
1786 Glc Fournier Titling
1790royal Printing Caps Italic
1790royal Printing Caps N
1790 Royal Printing Italic
1790 Royal Printing N
1791 Constitution
1792 La Marseillaise
1805 Austerlitz Script
1805 Jaeck Map Italic
1805 Jaeck Map Normal
1809 Homer
1815 Waterloo
1820 Modern Italic
1820 Modern Large Normal
1820 Modern Narrow Normal
1820 Modern Normal
1822 Glc Caslon Pro Italic
1822 Glc Caslon Pro Normal
1845 Mistress Italic
1848 Barricades Italic
1859 Solferino Caps Light
1859 Solferino Light
1863 Gettysburg B
1863 Gettysburg N
1864 Glc Monogram A B
1864 Glc Monogram C D
1864 Glc Monogram Extra Light F
1864 Glc Monogram G H
1864 Glc Monogram I J
1864 Glc Monogram Initials
1864 Glc Monogram K L
1864 Glc Monogram M N
1864 Glc Monogram O P
1864 Glc Monogram Q R
1864 Glc Monogram Small Caps T
1864 Glc Monogram U V
1864 Glc Monogram W X
1864 Glc Monogram Y Z
1871 Dreamer 2 Pro
1871 Victor Hugo
1880kurentschrift Easy N
1880 Kurrentshrift Normal
1883 Fraktur Bold
1883 Fraktur Normal
1885 Germinal
1886 Romantic Initials
1890 Notice Italic
1890 Notice Large Italic
1890 Notice Large Normal
1890 Notice Normal
1890 Registers Script N
1906 Fantas Aur Outline N
1906fantas Aur Titl N
1906 Fantasio Auriol B Italic
1906 Fantasio Auriol Bold
1906 Fantasio Auriol Italic
1906 Fantasio Auriol N
1906 French News Bold Italic
1906 French News B
1906 French News Caps Bold Italic
1906 French News Caps B
1906 French News Caps I
1906 French News Caps N
1906 French News I
1906 French News N
1906 Titrage Black
1913 Typewriter Bold Italic
1913 Typewriter Bold
1913 Typewriter Carbon Bold
1913 Typewriter Carbon Normal
1913 Typewriter Italic
1913 Typewriter Normal
1917stencil Monospace N
1917stencil Proportional N
1920 French Script Pro Regular
1920 My Toy Print Bold
1920 My Toy Print Normal
1925 My Toy Print Deluxe Pro B
1925 My Toy Print Deluxe Pro N
1968 Glc Graffiti
2008 Xmas Fantasy B
2008 Xmas Fantasy N
2009 Glc Plantin Italic
2009 Glc Plantin Normal
2009 Handymade Normal
2009 Lollipop Normal
2009 Primitive Normal
2010 Cancellaresca Recens N
2010 Dance Of Death
2010 Pipo Pro Italic
2010 Pipo Pro Regular
2011 Slimtype Italic
2011 Slimtype Regular
2011 Slimtype Sans Italic
2011 Slimtype Sans Regular
750 Latin Uncial N
799 Insular Normal
799 Insular Titl Normal
825 Karolus Normal
825 Lettrines Karolus Regular
Abysmal Gaze
Aderyn Bold Italic
Aderyn Bold
Aderyn Condensed Italic
Aderyn Condensed
Aderyn Extra Bold Italic
Aderyn Extra Bold
Aderyn Fat Italic
Aderyn Fat
Aderyn Italic
Aderyn Obese Italic
Aderyn Obese
Aint Nothing Fancy Bold Italic
Aint Nothing Fancy Bold
Aint Nothing Fancy Condensed Italic
Aint Nothing Fancy Condensed
Aint Nothing Fancy Italic
Aint Nothing Fancy
All Over Again
Anodyne Combined Italic
Anodyne Combined
Anodyne Italic
Anodyne Shadow Italic
Anodyne Shadow
Battlemaze Heavy
Biondi Sans Bold Italic
Biondi Sans Bold
Biondi Sans Book Italic
Biondi Sans Book
Biondi Sans Extra Light Italic
Biondi Sans Extra Light
Biondi Sans Light Italic
Biondi Sans Light
Biondi Sans Regular Italic
Biondi Sans Regular
Biondi Sans Ultra Italic
Biondi Sans Ultra
Black Mark Heavy
Black Mark Italic
Board Of Directors Bold Italic
Board Of Directors Bold
Board Of Directors Book Italic
Board Of Directors Book
Board Of Directors Bold Italic
Board Of Directors Bold
Board Of Directors Extra Light Italic
Board Of Directors Extra Light
Board Of Directors Heavy Italic
Board Of Directors Heavy
Board Of Directors Light Italic
Board Of Directors Light
Board Of Directors Regular Italic
Board Of Directors Regular
Board Of Directors Ultra Italic
Board Of Directors Ultra
Business As Usual Bold Italic
Business As Usual Bold
Business As Usual Italic
Business As Usual
Carbonara Bold
Carbonara Italic
Cider Script
Clockpunk Small Caps
Codswallop Condensed Italic
Codswallop Condensed
Codswallop Extra Condensed Italic
Codswallop Extra Condensed
Codswallop Italic
Courant Condensed Italic
Courant Condensed
Courant Italic
Crayon Crumble Expanded Italic
Crayon Crumble Expanded
Crayon Crumble Italic
Crayon Crumble
Cul De Sac Italic
Cul De Sac
Explosion Part
Explosion Total
Face Your Fears Condensed
Face Your Fears Italic
Face Your Fears
Formosa Slanted
Formosa Upright
From The Internet Bold Italic
From The Internet Bold
From The Internet Regular Italic
From The Internet Regular
From The Stars Bold Italic
From The Stars Bold
From The Stars Book Italic
From The Stars Book
From The Stars Extra Light Italic
From The Stars Extra Light
From The Stars Light Italic
From The Stars Light
From The Stars Regular Italic
From The Stars Regular
From The Stars Semi Bold Italic
From The Stars Semi Bold
From The Stars Ultra Italic
From The Stars Ultra
Giro Book
Glc Ornaments One
Gleaming The Cube
Great Escape Bold Italic
Great Escape Bold
Great Escape Book Italic
Great Escape Book
Great Escape Bold Italic
Great Escape Bold
Great Escape Extra Light Italic
Great Escape Extra Light
Great Escape Light Italic
Great Escape Light
Great Escape Narrow Bold Italic
Great Escape Narrow Bold
Great Escape Narrow Book Italic
Great Escape Narrow Book
Great Escape Narrow Bold Italic
Great Escape Narrow Bold
Great Escape Narrow Extra Light Italic
Great Escape Narrow Extra Light
Great Escape Narrow Light Italic
Great Escape Narrow Light
Great Escape Narrow Regular Italic
Great Escape Narrow Regular
Great Escape Narrow Ultra Italic
Great Escape Narrow Ultra
Great Escape Regular Italic
Great Escape Regular
Great Escape Ultra Italic
Great Escape Ultra
Grumpy Black24
Grumpy Black36
Grumpy Black48
Grumpy Black72
Grumpy Black88
Grumpy Black99
Harrumph Condensed
Harrumph Extra Condensed
Hasty Tasty
Kaapeli Bold
Kaapeli Book
Kaapeli Heavy
Kaapeli Light
Kaapeli Medium
Kaapeli Thin
Kolkata Hotelroom Bold
Kolkata Hotelroom
Magesta Script Bold
Magesta Script Light
Magesta Script Mix
Magesta Script Regular
Melany Lane Bold
Melany Lane
Melany Lane Ornaments Bold
Melany Lane Ornaments
Melany Lane Patterns
Mixolydian Bold Italic
Mixolydian Bold
Mixolydian Book Italic
Mixolydian Book
Mixolydian Extra Light Italic
Mixolydian Extra Light
Mixolydian Light Italic
Mixolydian Light
Mixolydian Regular Italic
Mixolydian Regular
Mixolydian Ultra Italic
Mixolydian Ultra
Moon Cresta
Moonlight Shadow
Naked Power Bold
Naked Power Book
Naked Power Bold
Naked Power Extra Light
Naked Power Heavy
Naked Power Light
Naked Power Regular
Naked Power Ultra
Neues Bauen Bold Italic
Neues Bauen Bold
Neues Bauen Condensed Italic
Neues Bauen Condensed
Neues Bauen Italic
Neues Bauen
Nightbird Condensed
Nightbird Extra Condensed
Nutnik Condensed
Nutnik Italic
Pannartz Book
Pi Bold
P I College
Pi Faded
Pi Italic
Pimpernel Black Italic
Pimpernel Black
Pimpernel Bold Italic
Pimpernel Bold
Pimpernel Italic
Pi Strikeout
Plakkaat Condensed Italic
Plakkaat Condensed
Plakkaat Italic
Polarband Back
Polarband Front
Polarband Regular
Porcupine Pickle Bold
Porcupine Pickle Italic
Porcupine Pickle
Project X
Quid Pro Quo
Rabbit On The Moon Bold Italic
Rabbit On The Moon Bold
Rabbit On The Moon Condensed Italic
Rabbit On The Moon Condensed
Rabbit On The Moon Italic
Rabbit On The Moon
Rat Infested Mailbox
Romantic Jets
Rusty Cage
Same Same But Different Bold Italic
Same Same But Different Bold
Same Same But Different Italic
Same Same But Different
Sammy Boy
Scurvy Dog Condensed Italic
Scurvy Dog Condensed
Scurvy Dog Italic
Sheepman Bold
Sheepman Italic
Sketchy Smiley Ii
Sketchy Smiley
Skitch Borders Fill
Skitch Borders
Skitch Borders Solid
Skitch Fill
Skitch Ornaments Fill
Skitch Ornaments
Skitch Ornaments Shaded
Skitch Ornaments Solid
Skitch Shaded
Skitch Solid
Skratch Italic
Special Forces Italic
Special Forces Regular
Spiderlegs Blackened Italic
Spiderlegs Blackened
Spiderlegs Bold Italic
Spiderlegs Bold
Spiderlegs Condensed Italic
Spiderlegs Condensed
Spiderlegs Italic
Steelworks Book
Story Twenty
Sunday Monday
Suomi Sans Black Italic
Suomi Sans Black
Suomi Sans Bold Italic
Suomi Sans Bold
Suomi Sans Book Italic
Suomi Sans Book
Suomi Sans Light Italic
Suomi Sans Light
Suomi Sans Medium Italic
Suomi Sans Medium
Suomi Sans Thin Italic
Suomi Sans Thin
Suomi Script
Suomi Slab Seri Book
Suomi Slab Serif Black Italic
Suomi Slab Serif Black
Suomi Slab Serif Bold Italic
Suomi Slab Serif Bold
Suomi Slab Serif Book Italic
Suomi Slab Serif Light Italic
Suomi Slab Serif Light
Suomi Slab Serif Medium Italic
Suomi Slab Serif Medium
Suomi Slab Serif Thin Italic
Suomi Slab Serif Thin
Taffee Black Italic
Taffee Black
Taffee Bold Italic
Taffee Bold
Taffee Book Italic
Taffee Book
Taffee Light Italic
Taffee Light
Taffee Medium Italic
Taffee Medium
Taffee Thin Italic
Taffee Thin
Tailor Book
Tailor Italic
Taint Book
Tale Forty
Tale Twenty
Tame Alternate
Tame Book
Tame Swash
Tang Bla Italic
Tang Bla
Tang Bla Scosf
Tang Bold Italic
Tang Bold
Tang Bold Scosf
Tang Boo Italic
Tang Boo
Tang Boo Scosf
Tang Light Italic
Tang Light
Tang Light Scosf
Tang Medium Italic
Tang Medium
Tang Medium Scosf
Tang Thin Italic
Tang Thin
Tang Thin Scosf
Tang Ultra Bla
Tang Ultra Light Italic
Tang Ultra Light
Tang Ultra Light Scosf
Tart Heavy
Taste Black Italic
Taste Black
Taste Bold Italic
Taste Bold
Taste Book Italic
Taste Book
Taste Extra Light Italic
Taste Extra Light
Taste Light Italic
Taste Light
Taste Medium Italic
Taste Medium
Taste Thin Italic
Taste Thin
Tee Fra Bold
Tee Fra Bold Oblique
Tee Fra Boo
Tee Fra Boo Oblique
Tee Fra Hea
Tee Fra Hea Oblique
Tee Fra Light
Tee Fra Light Oblique
Tee Fra Medium
Tee Fra Medium Oblique
Tee Fra Thin
Tee Fra Thin Oblique
Tee Fra Ultra Light
Tee Fra Ultra Light Oblique
Televisio Book
Telltale Book
Telltale Italic
Tempest Book
That Bold Italic
That Bold
That Book
That Irregular
That Italic
That Light Italic
That Light
That Medium Italic
That Medium
That Open
This Little Piggy
Thrusters Full
Thrusters Fwd
Thrusters Off
Thrusters Rev
Thud Black Italic
Thud Black
Thud Bold Italic
Thud Bold
Thud Book
Thud Extra Light Italic
Thud Extra Light
Thud Italic
Thud Light Italic
Thud Light
Thud Medium Italic
Thud Medium
Thud Thin
Thud Thintalic
Ticketbook Black
Ticketbook Bold
Ticketbook Book
Ticketbook Extra Light
Ticketbook Light
Ticketbook Medium
Ticketbook Thin
Tide Script
Tink Book
Titillation Book
Tobacco Book
Tournedot Book
Tow Bold Italic
Tow Bold
Tow Book
Tow Italic
Tristan Book
Trollslayer Italic
Trs Million Regular
Trs Million Twinkle
Tummy Book
Ugocranis Heavy
Vectipede Bold Italic
Vectipede Bold
Vectipede Book Italic
Vectipede Book
Vectipede Bold Italic
Vectipede Bold
Vectipede Extra Light Italic
Vectipede Extra Light
Vectipede Light Italic
Vectipede Light
Vectipede Regular Italic
Vectipede Regular
Vectipede Ultra Italic
Vectipede Ultra
Veneer Extras Italic
Veneer Extras
Veneer Italic
Veneer Three Italic
Veneer Three
Veneer Two Italic
Veneer Two
War Condenced
War Game
Warmer Check
Warmer Cross
Warmer Solid
War Narrow
Wheaton Capitals