CD: Creative Symbol Collection

Main Features

* Over 5100 Royalty Free images
* EPS format
* Apple Macintosh and PC Windows compatible
* Resolution independant
* 200 page printed catalogue for reference
* Many images pre-separated for easy vinyl cutting
* 100% vinyl-ready

The Creative Symbol Collection contains over 5100 professional royalty free images on CD ROM.

It contains every artwork that you’re likely to need, including colour separated art. Ideal for design, signmaking and screenprint.

The package is split into three catagories:

* Graphic Elements - 3,064 images
* Nature - 634 images
* Formal signs and Icons - 1,010 images

Sample images of the Creative Symbol Collection:

The CD contains an easy to use browser which makes locating and selecting an image easy. Also included is a printed reference and PDF files allowing you to print more if required!

MacOS: System 8, 68040 8MB RAM, 256 Colour Monitor
PC: Pentium 16MB RAM, 256 Colour Monitor

supplier: Ingram

category: Compilations , Frames , Patterns , Symbols & Icons

no. of images: 5108

cd delivery method: post

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