CD: Design Elements & Illustration 2

Carrying on from the success of the über-cool Design Elements v1, the new Design Elements v2 is crammed with another bunch of files (over 3600 in total), containing over 7,000 bleeding-edge, ultra-usable pieces of vector art.
Modern design doesn’t get any better than this. Up-to-the-minute, forward thinking and pooling the talents of some of the world’s top vector artists, this stockpile of art comes in Illustrator 8 .EPS format for easy insertion into popular design packages (QuarkXpress®, InDesign® etc.) and for you to edit yourself in vector packages such as Illustrator or CorelDRAW®.

supplier: Ingram

category: Frames , Patterns , Symbols & Icons

no. of images: 3752

cd delivery method: post

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